Better Solutions for the Blackjacks Now


The gambling solutions offer you, for example, to have fun with 6: 5 blackjacks which is played with a single shoe to ensure additional chances of winning your games. In addition, over / under 13 blackjack offers you the opportunity to bet on the value of your first two cards during a game. With this additional stake, you will surely experience a much more intense and exciting game! Finally, you will be able to discover many other versions of the game, such as Red / Black blackjack, Switch blackjack, Royal Match blackjack, Double Exposure blackjack, Spanish 21, Surrender blackjack, Perfect Pairs blackjack, Pontoon, Atlantic City blackjack, and many more. Go for the Situs Judi QQ Online in this case.

Our strategy for winning at blackjack Strategies

Are you looking for an effective “blackjack strategy” to win your games properly at the best online casinos? Know first that blackjack remains a game of chance that is to say that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to predict the result of the draw of the cards. Moreover, each online casino has an RNG, or a random number generator that guarantees fairness between the player and “the house” (the casino). However, there are strategies or, rather, attitudes to adopt and behaviors to favor to minimize your losses and therefore, earn more money online.

The basic strategy for playing Blackjack

First of all, to win your games over the long haul and “beat the dealer,” as mathematician Edward O. Thorp suggested , you’re going to need to learn some basic strategy. This technique involves adopting a number of attitudes when playing blackjack in order to win over the long term and lower the advantage of the casino site. From training to betting control, through insurance, you will know everything to better play your first cards and your first shots at blackjack.

The card counting strategy

Subsequently and when you have assimilated the essential concepts at your own pace, you will be able to learn other fairly effective techniques. However, you will need a certain amount of knowledge. Indeed, if you take the example of card counting, this strategy is not within the reach of everyone. Moreover, on this subject, a player explains on her site that the film Las Vegas 21 made this strategy popular but also gave a simplistic image of this technique, it is not reality. But do not panic. 


Our team offers you very educational articles to best explain each strategy to be blackjack. Thus, from the calculation of each card to the True Count, through insurance and specific bets like “Divide”, “Double” or “Abandon”, you can only become a true ace of blackjack. The site has also written a very good article on the subject of strategies that we recommend that you read as soon as possible.