Bookmaking works and The Wins You Can Experience

A bookmaker is a physical agency or a website that offers you to bet on sports betting. It’s simple. For the moment in France, there is a monopoly concerning sports betting in physical agency. It is the Kings Casino where you will get the 카지노가입쿠폰 for betting. So make the best use of it.

Regarding online betting sites, it’s different, since there are more than a dozen different bookmakers that offer an offer dedicated to French players. In France, all bookmakers are placed under the authority, which decides on the rules that bookmakers must follow.

  • It is also the authority which grants a bookmaker the authorization to open its site, and which can also decide its closure. Finally, it is the authority who decides the rate that the bookmakers must redistribute to the punters.
  • Roughly speaking, the principle is that a bookmaker must pay an average of 85 of his bets to the bettors. Basically with a return rate of 85%, when they receive 100 euros in stakes on average they must return 85 to the bettors.

Please note that this is an average, so bookmakers can choose to apply a different rate depending on the match and the type of bet. But of course the rate of return to players is high and + the odds offered to punters will be high, conversely + the return rate is low and + the odds are low.

Clearly this means that a bet rated at 1.10 is much more likely to pass, than a bet rated at 10 for example. And of course a rating of 1.10 is much less profitable than a rating of 10. By betting 10 euros on a bet at 1.10, you get a gain of 11 euros if you win. 

While if you bet 10 euros on a rating of 10, you get 100 euros of potential gain

You have understood the 카지노가입쿠폰 odds, it is above all the reflection of a probability that a bet passes. It happens that the bookmakers change the odds according to the news around the match (weather forecast, absentees, etc.), whether downward or upward.

Bookmakers also change odds based on players’ bets. It should be understood that an online betting site aims not to lose, whatever the outcome of the match.

If they see an imbalance in the bets, they will readjust the odds so as not to lose money regardless of the outcome. The odds are therefore brought up or down depending on the circumstances and the stakes of the bettors.

Odds that go up or down


So it has a direct impact on the level of the odds, and that’s why we’re talking about it. This is why there are bets where the odds are on average higher than the others. And the bookmakers are making a clear choice, they are choosing to offer higher odds on the most popular bets, the most loved by punters. They are therefore making efforts on the player return rate for 1n2 bets in football matches.