Fair Options for the Sports Bets Now

We talked about the rating from 0 to 10. Tips that have a rating above 7 are called Pro Tips and you can easily recognize them by their blue color. You can soon become an expert or you can follow the successful tipsters on the site and you can use their tips when 토토 사이트 betting at your favorite bookmaker. If you do that, you have to take into account the share. For example, a tip with a rating of over 3 may be passed as Pro Tip, but may not be 100% safe. You can use it when making a ticket on ProTipster. 

Tipsters who post Pro Tip tips on a regular basis also earn real money from us. Only Premium members can view these Pro Tip tips. From the funds raised for these Premium subscriptions, we give back your investment in the form of daily pots, real money that can be earned if you post Pro Tips or winning tickets.

American Football Ticket Tickets

In addition to individual tips, you can also post tickets on ProTipster to include your tips or the tips of any other tipster on the site. You can earn real money if you include at least 3 events on your ticket, without making any investment. 

Every day you will receive a part of the daily pot for tickets on the site. To add tips to other tipsters on the site, simply click the + sign next to each desired tip. You can add your tips after entering your profile page, where you will find the list of your predictions, by clicking on the same + sign next to each one. You can enter the profiles of the other tipsters to analyze what tickets they made. With ProTipster you can increase your betting income, at your favorite bookmaker, or you can win real money directly from us, from ProTipster.

  • To create an account, on the main page of the site click on the “Register now!” located in the upper central part.
  • The registration form contains 3 steps, according to the images below. You are asked for information such as name, surname, nationality, account currency, CNP, email address, telephone number, residence address, username and password.
  • It is necessary to use only real data when opening an account. Subsequently, you will be asked for documents to verify your identity and address, which if you do not provide, you will not be able to use your betting account and finally the account will be closed.

Verify the account

According to the law in force, for any new account the verification must be performed within a maximum of 30 days from the registration. Otherwise, the account will be closed and the funds will be transferred to the state budget.