Here Are New Online Casino Real Money Games Guide

Before talking about online gambling one needs to understand what is gambling. Gambling is wagering of cash or kind of some value for an uncertain result, with the primary greed of winning material goods or money i.e. cash or kind.

There are three major aspects of gambling, the first one is a consideration, the second is risk-taking, and last but not the least prize or reward of the risk.

Above was the meaning of gambling, online gambling is playing games on the internet that involves gambling.  There are many online gambling games of this type like Poker, Teen Patti, etc. There are many websites where one can play this game.

Online gambling in India

Rules are separate for every state when we talk about online gambling in India.  For instance under the “Bombay Wager Act” Maharashtra an Indian state declared gambling as illegal. States operate on online gaming on their authority.

Frauds in online gambling

Fraud prevention is not possible to a very great extent in the case of online gambling. Much prevention is taken but they are worthless to a certain extent. Cybercriminals are always ready with new tricks to loot the peoples. They come up with fraud gambling sites to rob the common masses.

Gambling as a drug

Gambling is very addictive. It is very destructive for society. As drugs are harmful to the masses in the same way gambling is also very harmful. People should start understanding the ill effects of online gambling. It is promoting crimes. People are forgetting the right ways of earning money. They think that by this they will earn lots of money just without effort. This is acting as a plague for society. People sometimes become banks corrupt but then also they are not ready to quit the addiction to gambling. Online gambling is more dangerous than offline gambling, people can get addicted to it just sitting at their homes while using mobile phones.

Gambling is immoral

It is immoral to earn money over the stupidity and greed of some dumb people. Exploiting people just to make money is unkind and also punishable.  People sell their house and ornaments to try their luck and if they lose, they are on the road with nothing in their hands. Rich gamblers loot the poor people by just giving them false hopes about earring lots of money. This is a mall practice and poor ones are forced to sell off everything they own to pay off the debts.

Gambling of any type is it online or offline it should be completely banned by all the countries of the world to safeguard the interest of everyone. But still, new online casino real money games are developing each day. This would shift people towards hard work and then they will work hard to earn money and improve or upgrade their standards of living. People will stop finding shortcuts like gambling to earn money. If online gambling is banned completely this will also reduce the cybercrime rates. Banning online gambling will save many homes and many children will get food after it.