Look for the Bright Deals in the Winamax bets

The results are interesting. This time around, Winamax offered 19 times the best odds, Unibet 50 times the best odds and there were 31 ties.

Who has the best odds for Ligue 1?

We started by analysing the odds on 50 Ligue 1 games that took place between January and February 2018. Why Ligue 1? Because it is the bettors’ favorite championship. We have chosen to compare the odds of 2 types of bets:

  • 1N2: this consists of betting on the result of a match (either team 1 wins, or draw, or team 2 wins). It is the bet most played by bettors, by far.
  • Over / Under: this involves betting on the number of goals scored in a match. For example, “more than 2.5 goals” means that it takes 3 or more goals in the match for the bet to win. It is the type of bet that comes in 2nd position of the most played bets. 

“Result” or “1N2” bets

A 1N2 bet has 3 outcomes: 1, N or 2. We studied 50 Ligue 1 games, or 150 odds in total.

Compare odds league 1 1N2

Out of 150 odds, we can see that Winamax offered 73 times the best odds, Unibet 31 times the best odds and there were 46 ties (the 2 operators offered exactly the same odds).

For this 1st round, we can therefore declare Winamax victorious because 48.67% of the odds of the site were higher than those proposed by its competitor Unibet.

“More or Less Goals” or “Over / Under” Bets

An Over / Under 토토사이트 bet has 2 outcomes: either Over (More than goals) or Under (Less than goals). We thus compared a total of 100 odds with each other. We took the example of the Over / Under 2.5 goals. We can see that it is Unibet who wins hands down this 2nd round with 50% better odds.

  • But what about other competitions?
  • Who has the best odds for the Champions League?

We also conducted the survey of 50 Champions League games between November 2017 and February 2018. Again, we did not choose this competition at random because it is a very popular competition with bettors.

As before, we put the odds on 2 types of bets in competition: 1N2 and Over / Under.

1N2 Champions League odds comparison

Having compared 150 odds in all, here are the results: Winamax proposed 54 times the best odds, Unibet 42 times and there were 54 ties.

Conclusion, it is difficult to highlight a large winner concerning this study, as the results are so tight. Small advantage for Winamax all the same, because the operator offered 36% better odds against 28% for Unibet.