Things in life may not be as easy as they used to back then. Because in this contemporaneous era, money is already the root of humanity’s living. It is the gas to your car, the electricity and water in your home, the stocked food in your fridge, the meal on your table, the shelter which protects you, and the clothes you wear.Without it, you will only be existing, but not living.

You won’t be able to purchase food for your everyday meals. Plus, drinking clean and mineralized water is going to be a tough challenge. You also won’t be able to continue living within the safety of the four corners of your home, if you don’t have enough cash to pay for your monthly rent or monthly taxes.

A minority of the companies in the cities have a manifold of lists of requirements in able for you to be accepted as their employee. However, not all of the netizens in the country do have the capability of having those specifications due to many reasons – but mostly, it is always because of money. It is either they came from a low-income family who is too unfortunate even to have a proper and fulfilled education or they are not lucky enough to have the qualities they are looking for.

This sad reality is the disadvantage of having too much advancement with technology. Because in the present being, people are now knowledgeable and capable of inventing machinery that will be able to help within the flow of business operationsin an enterprise. The cycle of money within the firm will also be flawless because then, there would be fewersalary wages.

The result:A lot of employees will then beleft jobless.

That is why there is a proportion of people who are conforming to gambling. With the hopes of winning the grand prize so that they are able to continue to make a living. 

This phenomenon is being faced and experienced by many countries in the world but mainly the netizens in Africa. More specifically, in Kenya where betting is their primary source of income. And sports betting Kenya is the most known in gambling in the city since sports are mostly where people are drawn at. It has been widespread ever since in the early 2000s and up until the present time.

But have you ever wondered what the advantages that you can get from it and what are the disadvantages that may also happen?

Below is an infographic brought to you by Chezacash regarding the information about the pros and cons of betting Kenya.

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