Smart Poker Solutions For You

After a terrible bad beat from an outspoken fish player, the first thing you want to do is criticize his game and tell him how badly he played.

But wait, his play was so bad that you should be glad he called. If you are far ahead on the flop with your set against your opponent’s gutshot, then you want him to go all-in with him. After all, you won’t complain if you win. So keep your advice to yourself and let your opponent continue to make similar mistakes in the future. For situs poker online  this is important.

Bet with good hands, fall with bad

These are the basic principles of Texas Hold’em strategy that work great at micro stakes. There is no need to be too sophisticated: if there is a hand – put it, if there is no hand – fall. Do not be afraid that with a bet you will frighten your opponent away and he will not pay you. At micro stakes, opponents will call bets with completely different hands.

Be careful not to raise

In my experience of playing micro stakes, players rarely raise preflop without having a strong hand.

Your opponents will rarely think about your hand, they will play based on the strength of their hand. This is why they call raises of all sizes with weak pairs on the flop – simply because they have a pair. So, if you suddenly see a player who has raised preflop and continues to bet powerfully on the following streets, be careful, as he will most likely have something worthwhile.

Don’t bluff

This point, in fact, repeats the first, since bluffing is one of the ways to outplay opponents. Remember that a huge number of players will see the flop, so bluffing will often not work.

Players will call your bets with any hand, even a semi-ready hand, so only invest money in the pot with a good hand, and when you don’t have one, just throw it away.

Don’t worry about your table image

If you only play very strong hands preflop and only continue with good hits postflop, then you absolutely don’t have to worry about other players getting the hang of your game. Players at micro-stakes think only of their two cards, and other people’s lines of play will not bother them. Therefore, do not think that at these limits you need to somehow balance your game and engage in the so-called “gear shifting”. Your opponents won’t even notice. At micro stakes, it is better to focus on solid ABC poker rather than “gear shifting”.


As you can see, micro limit poker is different from high limit poker. Once you grasp the fundamentals of the game, you should easily start hitting these limits. To increase your profit / hour, you can start playing at several tables, since at these limits you will not need a lot of time reading ranges, making difficult decisions, etc. If you master ABC poker and the tips above, then you should be able to break these limits.