The Most Well-Known Professional Roulette Players

Many characterize roulette as a game with the best odds of success since you can choose between red and black, even and odd. Within this article, we’ll mention some of the biggest roulette wins of all times.


Ashley Revel, a Brit, decided to sell everything that he has and bet it all in one single bet in Las Vegas. Ashley gathered $135k and placed it all on red. He won $270k and walked away. This was his last bet naija and he used it to open a poker website.

Breaking the Bank

Joseph Jagger is considered as the first pro roulette player in the world and also a person who said that there are no two identical roulette wheels. Joseph didn’t do guessing, he calculated the spin outcomes. His theory states that every wheel has some flaws such as being off centre or having some minor damages. Joseph used this to calculate how the ball is going to move and in Monte Carlo, he spent some time looking at the wheels and found a winning one. He won truly big and won the title of “The Man Who Broke the Monte Carlo Bank”.

Chess or Roulette

Carol Jarecki and her husband, famous chess players, won a lot of money playing roulettes in San Remo and Monte Carlo in the 70s. They followed Jagger’s rule of observing the wheels for imperfections. It worked.

The Big Cheat

Most of the players used math to calculate the trajectory of the ball, but Laszlo Kovacs used a small electronic device hidden in his shoe. All Laszlo needed to do was tap his shoe and the electronic device would calculate the release speed of the ball, giving him a good projection of where the ball is going to land. He won a lot of money in Australia and was eventually deported back to Hungary. They tried convicting him but couldn’t because he didn’t break any laws.

Broke the Bank or Made a Lucky Guess?

Norman Leigh won 800k French Francs in 1960s. From that moment, Norman got banned from casinos throughout the country. Norman boasted about his amazing method but it was later discovered that his method was useless and that he was just lucky. Like most roulette winners are.

These are just some of the biggest winners of roulette. Share your favourite win in the comments section below.