The True Betting Choices for Your Deals

This means that the bet is on the hosts or on the guests. This is how this position looks in the line of BC Marathon:

What does handicap mean in sports betting?

What is a handicap in 88bet sports betting? For example, we bet on Liverpool with F (-1). The coupon will be winning if Liverpool wins with a difference of 2 or more goals. If the gain is minimal, then a return will be obtained, since the difference between the final result and the minus handicap is zero. Absolutely the same calculations are made for other bets with minus handicaps for all sports.

  • Bets are always settled with a coefficient of 1 if the difference between the handicap and the final result is zero.
  • In tennis, minus and plus handicaps are very popular due to the fact that tennis players of different levels are often found.

For example, if Nadal or Federer plays with the 50th rocket, then there is no point in betting on their Victoria. Odds will not be higher than 1.15. Better to put in handicap on the final score in games . Reputable offices offer many betting options with negative handicaps for a match or a separate set. Bettor himself chooses the best option, at his discretion.

The bets with minus basketball handicaps are very popular among the clients of the offices. Offices provide many options. Therefore, you can bet on obvious favorites. In fights of more or less equal teams, the alignment looks like this:

The alignment of indicators of more or less equal teams

As you can see, there are a lot of options, and there is plenty to choose from.

Plus handicap

It is advisable to bet with positive handicaps on potential outsiders. The principle of calculation here is similar to that for plus odds. When summing up the handicap and the result, you should get a positive number. In this case, the bettor’s game coupon will be winning.

We give an example for a football match. Suppose we choose a Champions League match between Basel and Bavaria. We put on Basel with Ф (+1).

In order for the bet to be winning, the Swiss must not lose. If they yield with a minimum score, then there will be a refund. With a larger win in Bavaria, the bettor will lose.

Zero handicap

In matches of approximately equal rivals, it makes sense to bet with a zero handicap. In order for the coupon to turn out to be winning, the minimum victory of the team or athlete, on which the client of BC has placed, is enough. In the event of a tie, a refund is received.

Handicap Example

The zero handicap in bets is well suited for the favorites playing away against the middle peasants. Quotes for this position can count on a good win. If the favorite cannot win, then there will be a return.