Virtual Sports Betting: How They Work And Where To Bet

For some time now, some bookmakers have added a new product to their sports and market offering: virtual betting, also known as virtual sports. It is a new game modality where we can bet on the usual sports, but in virtual events, in computer-generated competitions.

What Are Virtual Bets?

Technically, we can define virtual bets as virtual simulations of sporting events that are made with a single purpose: gambling. They have much more similarities with the casino than with any sports or eSports bet since the winner is decided by an RNG, a random number generator that will also be in charge of determining the final result, how the game evolves, etc. Thus, chance is the crucial factor in virtual betting.

In other words, we are talking about a video game that is played alone. Participants in a virtual sport have specific characteristics, and there is an extensive database that facilitates the development of events. Statistics and mathematics play an essential role in the elaboration of these virtual sports databases, but the algorithm includes the randomness that we live in real sports, where the surprise factor is always present and brings the magic of the unexpected to the sport and the bets.

What Virtual Sports Can You Bet On?

We cannot bet on the same sports offer that we have available in real life, but it is undeniable that bookmakers offer us a good variety of virtual sports to make these virtual bets, including some of the most attractive to bettors:

Soccer: The king sport could not be absent in virtual sports. In virtual football betting, two teams face each other with real names, but without their footballers, so anything is possible. We can see the highlights of the match, including goals and chances, or go straight to the end of the match. We have a wide variety of bets available.

Greyhounds, Horses And Trotters: Although they are different sports, both greyhounds and horse racing or trotters have many similarities. We can bet on winner or winner / placed before enjoying the races in a virtual track or racetrack while we see how our bet evolves.

Motorsports: We can bet on virtual motocross races or NASCAR-type car races, vibrant races where, in addition to betting on the winner, we can bet on the podium, the first two, the first three, etc. It depends on the tipobet365 giriş house where we play and the number of participants in the race.

Track Cycling: They work similarly to betting on greyhounds or horses since we can bet on the winner. It is run in the keirin mode, with the bike pulling away when we connect with the velodrome and the virtual tracks challenging for victory.