What are the main differences between casino betting and sports betting?

With annual revenue in 2019 of over $50bn, the online gambling sector as a whole is in rude health right now. Buoyant around Europe for several years previously, recent changes to federal law in the USA has seen it begin to take off there as well. 

People in New Jersey now flock to the best NJ online sportsbook sites, and those in other states arefollowing suit. The online gambling sector is not all about sports betting though – casino betting is also massively popular around the globe. 

For some, these two distinct pillars of online betting can seem the same. While they do share some similarities, they also have a few key differences. But what are they?

What you bet on is different

Of course, the first significant difference between these two types of betting is what you bet on. Sports betting means placing bets on sports matches to win money,casino betting, however,means you play slot games or classic casino table games against other players, like roulette or baccarat. There is also a fundamental difference in how the betting works. Sports betting gives players fixed odds to use when placing bets whilecasino betting does not. 

Casino betting outcome is influenced more by the player 

When you play most casino games, you are directly involved in how it pans out. Games like Texas Hold ’em poker, for example, rely on the player making certain calls as the action unfolds. The eventual outcome has an element of luck, but the player does have direct input into whether he wins or loses. Sports betting, on the other hand, is different. While the outcome of an upcoming game can be predicted accurately through prior research, you can do nothing to affect the result once the game starts.

Availability of games and markets

One major difference between these two forms of betting is when you can place bets or play casino games. While sports betting is accessible 24-hours a day, seven days per week, you can only bet when the game or market you want is happening. You might want to back Real Madrid to win their next game but can only do this when they have one. Casino games, however, are there whenever you fancy trying them out. Whether it is slots or table games like roulette, casino betting does not rely on any outside circumstances to happen, and you can enjoy the exact game you want when you want. 

Casino betting and sports betting – two different beasts

As the above shows, there are some critical differences between these two ways of betting of which you should be aware. Many people will engage in both as they involve different markets and differentways of making money. If there are no games to bet on, grabbing a hand of online poker is an ideal option to have some fun with. It is for this reason that both sides of the online gambling industry are so popular.