What should you know about the various bonuses offered by online casinos?

Online casinos like lsm99 offer various bonuses for their new and existing customers to retain and obtain players. In this article, let us discuss some of these bonuses in brief. 

Probable bonuses in online casinos

Welcome bonus

The basic bonus that you can expect while joining a new online casino is a welcome bonus. It is the reward given to a new joiner in every online casino. Although there may be variations with the size of the bonus, almost every casino out there is providing welcome bonuses for their users. Since they are getting a bonus without playing a single game, newbies are also attracted to the concept and depositing in these websites. The concept is simple. You would have to sign up with any of these websites by depositing the minimum deposit requirement mentioned in it. Once your deposit is over, you will get the bonus amount as agreed. Some websites may offer you a hundred percent bonus where you will get back the entire amount you deposited to your account. But you could not withdraw this. Instead, you can play with both your deposit and bonus. If you win something with this money, you can take it. 

Referral Bonus 

If you are a member of a casino already, you could get a bonus by inviting any of your friends or family members to join it. It is known as a referral bonus, and you would get a certain amount of money once the person you referred deposits his money with the casino. Some casinos will provide referral bonuses as ready cash, and some will offer free-spins to their players who have referred someone else. The concept is to make use of the available customers to market the casino to their networks and get new customers. 

High Deposit bonus

If you are a member of a casino website and depositing a decent amount at once, you are not the same as the person who deposits a fraction of that amount in the eyes of the casino house. So, this act of bulky deposit will get you some rewards from the casino side. It may be a cash reward or some other benefits within the website. Instead of depositing small amounts frequently, you may consider depositing higher amounts to claim this reward. But it is not recommended for players who will play only occasionally. 

No deposit bonuses

It is not mandatory for a player to place a huge amount as deposits or to refer someone to the casino to get a bonus. Also, there is no need for the casinos to pay money to the player for a bonus. Combining these two facts, there emerged a bonus known as no deposit bonus, that will allow new players to sign up to the site and play a few games for free of cost as a bonus. So, people who are scared of losing money would also come and play in the casino.