Caring the Best for the Perfect Bets Now

I’m not saying you can’t win money in football in sports betting. But inevitably, you will not have ROI of phew. Already if you have 5% ROI in football it’s huge. You will have bigger ROI in football for Australian football niche markets, things like that, minor divisions or youth leagues in England. Unfortunately when you are French living in France, it is not possible. But we am also addressing Francophones living abroad who want to get out of the game.

The Best patterns of Sports Betting

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  • Take the example of Bayern Munich, which has dominated the German championship for a few years now. The conditions for the bet to be profitable is that Bayern win their away games against the other favorites, since this is where the odds are highest.
  • For 2017-2018, taking the principle of using one unit per bet. Bayern with 4 defeats and 3 draws already makes you lose 7 units (draws being lost in dry victory and not reimbursed).

That year Bayern won at Schalke, Dortmund, Leverkussen, so big teams bringing the year’s gain to 9.5 units. So on this year you win a gain of 2.5 units. Bayern with 2 losses and 7 draws means 9 units lost. In addition that year, the team did not manage to win its big games against the favorites, leaving you in slight loss and making you lose the profits of the previous year.

For the following years, the bets oscillate between slight gain and slight losses and therefore makes this technique unprofitable for the German championship.

Dry victory over the JUVENTUS

There we wanted to show you in 2011-2012 where Juventus do not lose a match. She makes 15 draws so it’s 15 units lost. A season therefore not at all profitable.

For 2017-2018, with 3 losses and 5 draws, this is 8 units lost. However, you earn money, because this year, Juve wins against Inter (2.55), Milan (2), Naples (3.75). So you make a profit of 2.5 units.

For 2016-2017, it’s 9 units lost with 5 losses and 4 draws. Except that this year, Juve lost at Inter, Milan and drew in Naples. So this year you lose everything you won the previous year.

Dry victory over PARIS SG

Well it’s going to be even worse for League 1, because PSG is even more dominant in its championship and the other teams much weaker. For the last year with 9 fewer units (3D 6N), the PSG lost in Lyon and even if it wins in Monaco the coast is only 1.50 which is not much. So you lose money on that year in L1.