Look For the Best Choices in Winning Bets

From now on, you must acquire rigor in the monitoring of your sports bets. In other words, you have to learn how to manage your bankroll properly. Indeed, it is very important to monitor your bets in order to progress further. In this new advice article, we will see together the reasons why it is necessary to carry out such a follow-up but we will first of all explain to you how to proceed.

Sports betting tracking

What is meant by establishing regular monitoring of your sports bets and how to do it?

Tracking your 토토 머니 bets means listing all of your predictions in one place in a table, for example. In Excel, it is very easy to build this type of table and it does not take more than 5 minutes! At first, you will have to start by listing in a 1st table all your bets as in the example below:

Sports betting chart

This 1st table will list all the predictions you made in the month (January 2016 in the example). Each forecast is associated with a date, a sport, a match, etc. so that you can find your way around more easily. We will see later how useful this table is.

In a second step, we will have to create a second summary table of the month’s bets with more technical data as below:

Sports betting summary table

In this table, we are going to make a sort of summary of all the forecasts of the month in order to have a global vision. We will find there some interesting data like the evolution of bankroll, ROI and% of success for example. In the following paragraphs, we will also detail the usefulness of this second table.

But then why manage your sports bets?

If you want to progress in sports betting and optimize your chances of winning more often, it is simply essential to carry out regular monitoring of your bets.

In the 1st table where will be listed all your predictions 1 by 1, you will be able to highlight important information that will help you in your future choices. For example, at a glance, you can see the type of bet (single or combined) that works best or the type of prognosis that ensures you the most profitability. Also, you have the possibility of knowing which championship (s) or which team (s) succeed you best. It is an aid not to be underestimated and this table will allow you not to repeat the few mistakes that you could have made before.

In the 2nd table, you will be able to establish a real management of your bankroll. You have the opportunity to see if you are in profits or in losses. In the same way, you have an overview of your ROI (Return On Investment). It is calculated as follows: ROI = Benefit (OR) Losses / Investment (= Total stake) * 100.