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Basketball, like rugby, is one of the sports where the “home” factor plays a very important role. Moreover, the teams playing at home very often have a very low rating (between at 1.05 and at 1.30 generally). Thus, it is a good idea to take a look at “handicap” bets (point spread at the end of the match) to obtain more interesting odds.

The calendar

The upcoming calendar is also an extremely important criterion when you bet on basketball, especially in the NBA! Indeed, it is not uncommon for certain franchises to move 5 times in a row. Thus, these teams can let go 1 match or 2 through. Even the big teams can reserve themselves for a particular match and put the team twice from time to time. It is therefore possible to spot by betting on challengers / outsiders.

The stake of the match

This is the case for all sports, the stake of a match can have a great influence on the turn of events. Must a team win to get their ticket to the playoffs? There is a good chance that players will give their all and win the game. This other key factor must therefore be taken into account before betting on basketball.

The absents

A final criterion to watch for: absences (injured or suspended). Certain 먹튀사이트 players are essential to their team and if they are not present, that can change everything. For example, during the 2016-2017 NBA season, the absence of Westbrook for OKC was a major problem. So, when you are about to bet on a basketball game, ask about potential absences the basketball competitions to favor for your sports bets.

  • We repeat it once again, but basketball is a rather complicated sport to bet, especially for beginners in sports betting. It is therefore advisable to move towards highly publicized championships / competitions to have access to as much information as possible. What is the form of the moment for this or that team? Where will this team go for the next 5 games? Who will be absent for this very important duel? So many questions to which you must answer and for that, it is necessary to be able to obtain the necessary information and data.

The most popular basketball championships and competitions are for example the NBA , Pro A or even the Euroleague . It is therefore these championships that we advise you to choose to bet on basketball. In addition, if you are comfortable with English, you can easily access a lot of information on the NBA or the Euroleague. 

The number of predictions: before following a tipster, make sure that he has made a fairly high number of predictions. The more predictions he offered, the better. The history begins to be interesting when a tipster has made at least 200 predictions. Below this number, the stats could be biased and less robust.