The Winning Bet That You Will Need to Understand

You bet € 100 on a 안전놀이터 Asian Handicap +0.75 for team B at the odds of at 1.50. The Asian Handicap +/- 1 allows you to reimburse your stake if your classic handicap bet does not pass a goal (in football) or 1 point (in basketball).

Here are the possible outcomes:

    If team B wins, your bet is fair and you pocket 100 * 1.50 = € 150

    If there is a draw, you lose half of your bet, i.e. 100/2 = 50 €

    If team B loses, your bet is false and you lose your entire stake, i.e. € 100. 

Asian Handicap +/- 1

For example, if you bet on an Asian Handicap -1 for team A and they win 2 or more goals, your bet is good. If team A only wins by exactly 1 goal, your bet will be refunded. If it fails to win, your bet is incorrect and you lose your bet.

On the contrary, if you bet on an Asian handicap +1 for team A and it does not lose, your bet is fair. If team A loses exactly 1 goal, your bet is refunded. On the other hand, if team A loses 2 goals or more, you lose your bet and therefore your stake.

If Asian handicap bets are not available on French bookmakers, it is possible to make your own Asian Handicap +/- 1 bet and thus it works.

And many other bets with an Asian handicap

Indeed, there are many other Asian Handicap bets. For example:

+/- 1.25; +/- 1. 5; +/- 1.75; +/- 2, etc.

It takes exactly the same principle to 1 or more goals or points.

If you can’t visualize things, you should see more clearly with the table below.

A summary table to better understand Asian handicap betting

Using this table, discover the different balance sheets of your Asian Handicap bets according to your choices and so on. It is the same principle for the following Asian handicap bets.

A tip to know about Asian disability

Sometimes you may find slightly different odds for an Asian handicap 0 bet and a Draw No Bet bet. And yet, these 2 types of bets mean exactly the same thing: your stake is refunded if the match ends in a draw.

In the same way, you may meet different odds for a -0.5 Asian handicap bet and a bet for the dry victory of a team (1 or 2). But these 2 bets are once again identical. It also works for a +0.5 Asian handicap bet and a Double chance bet. It’s the same thing. What bet to choose in these cases? We obviously advise you to choose the one with the best rating . You will take the same risk but you will win a little more if your bet is fair!