Explanation of Poker’s Basics and the Value it Brings to Casinos


It’s common knowledge that casinos exist primarily to make a profit. All casino games, from roulette to slots, feature what is called a “house edge,” or a built-in advantage for the casino. The casino has an edge of a few percent growths (variable per game) that ensures it will make money over the long run. But poker is nothing like that. It’s not a game played against the house, whether online or in person. To win money, you must compete against other players rather than the Online Casino Malaysia itself. No one at the casino cares if you win or lose; the dealer’s only job is to distribute and maintain the score. Now, from the casino’s perspective, what are the benefits of this? What is it about poker that makes casinos so interested in hosting tournaments and maintaining cash game tables?

  • To Know The Fundamentals Of The Rake

Poker casinos “rake” a percentage of each cash game pot and tournament entrance fee, similar to a tax. You will learn how rake affects the house edge and your winnings as a poker player, in addition to how casinos profit from the game of poker. Knowing the ins and outs of rake is helpful, even if you’re simply an occasional player who doesn’t think much of it.

  • Percentage-Based Cash Gaming Rake

Most pots have the rake deducted from them before they are awarded to a winner. As a rule of thumb, casinos take a flat percentage of the pot, typically between 2% and 10%. Rake rates of 10% or more are quite unusual; most games have a rake of 3-5%. The quantity of rake that may be taken from a single pot is also often capped, though this varies from one casino to the next. A situation where two players with very large chips (500 big chips or more) go all-in could be exceedingly costly if there is no maximum rake cap.  Although the no-cap rule is not the norm, there are still certain places where it is played. 

  • Rates Can Be Set By The Hour

While most casinos that provide cash games use a rake of a set percentage, there are a few that use a different system. It’s not uncommon for there to be a charge per hour just to play at a particular table. This means that instead of a percentage of the pot is taken from each player, there will be a flat price charged for each hand. Neither of these choices is superior to the other; rather, you should recognize it for what it is: a different model.

  • Tournaments

Games in tournaments are played differently, with players vying for chips and trying to outlast their opponents to make it to the final “money” round. Because of this, the Best Online Casino Malaysia can’t make the same amount of money off of rake from chip pots that they do from cash games. Instead, rake for tournaments is included in the cost of entry.