Lottery to check the luck and win money:

The lottery is always good to check someone’s luck whether it is on favor or not. Luck always matters in winning the lottery. There is a man in USA who just bought a lottery ticket to prove their friends that he can’t win any lottery. And eventually he ended up winning the 1st prize in lottery. And again, he bought the same lottery ticket to prove that it was just by mistake happened. And again, he won that lottery too. So, it is always the luck that matters in lottery. If the luck is in favor then the person will win it and otherwise not.

So, the lottery is the best place to check the luck of someone’s. That how lucky a person is? And if luck favors then the person might win the big amount. And who doesn’t like money and if it comes without working. Then nothing is better than that. So, don’t lose hope and always check lottery results [ตรวจหวย, which is the term in Thai]. Who knows when luck will take the U-turn?

Buy different lottery tickets for more winning chances

Don’t put all the money in just one single lottery ticket. Use a variety of lottery for more winning chances. Like Hanoi Lottery [หวยฮานอย, which is the term in Thai] or better known as Vietnam lottery. Just like that there will be many different lotteries available in the market. So, just don’t stick to any one of the lotteries. Invest the money in different lottery system.

Don’t put all the money

The lottery is also some kind of gambling so, don’t put all the hard-earned money in it. Spend some amount but don’t exceed that amount otherwise the monthly expenses will get affected. So, try to be in limit while putting the money.