Marked Playing Cards and their Tuck Boxes


A lot of marked playing cards are now available on the market for how many years. Every manufacturer offers high-quality products that are used in different card games. Magicians also used these marked cards for entertainment purposes. Have time allotted for practice and mastery to provide a perfect show. They study and learn the different variations in patterns or shade on the surfaces of cards. 

Some marked cards are designed to be read by touch only. Others are developed to work with sensors, hidden cameras, or other technology. Without the support of an appropriate device, it can’t be detected. 

Alt: marked cards poker for poker tricks

Different characteristics of marked cards based on appearance:

  • Block-out marks- It has the same color of ink at the back of the card. The flowers in the small white areas have colors on them.
  • Cut-out marks- to use a craft knife to scratch is the most original way of marking. It marks the pattern on the back of the card.
  • Printed marks- difficult to identify these marks, yet easy to be found when you are cheating. It is a mini-digit or pictogram mark.

How to determine the better quality of marked playing cards?

The selection of good playing cards is somehow difficult and can be intimidating. Your choice will depend not only because of the aesthetics or visuals of the design of the card. But you need to consider what particularly you are going to use your playing cards for. Make sure that it will last and you’ll be able to use it efficiently. 

Are you going to use it for card magic, playing card games, or you’re collecting it?]

Qualities of a good Tuck Box for marked playing cards:

  • Durability- First of all, the tuck box is significant. It will serve as the house of your deck of cards. Make sure to have something that you can open and close the flap easily. Of course, you want the playing cards to be securely housed in the tuck box. Luckily, most publishers of playing cards have quality, functional, and durable tuck boxes.
  • Arts and Design- Besides the cards, artists or designers create artistic tuck boxes. This includes not only the front, back, and sides but also the insides of the box. High-end decks usually have detailed printing on both inside and outside of the box. 
  • Embossing- tuck boxes reach a different level with the help of modern technology. A good standard deck of playing cards is definite to have embossing on the tuck box. It is where the lettering is raised against the background. This is to develop a visual element of depth. 
  • Aesthetics- it is as important as durability. Tuck boxes become the work of art of the designers who manufacture playing cards.
  • Foil Accents- higher-end decks feature not only embossing but as well as foil accents. Gold and silver foil are colors that are primarily used for an elegant look. Metallic inks are used in place of foil, for a duller shine. 
  • Innovation- when looking for a tuck box, one needs to consider is the use of UV spot printing. This can have extra visual and tactile elements. 
  • Seal- a standard in a good quality card deck is the custom seal. 

There are a lot of qualities to look for good quality playing cards. You can check for further information.