Online Roulette And The Winning Times for You

Knowing how roulette works and how the table is made is important, but a necessary and sufficient condition to be able to play is to know the various bets, the probability of winning and, above all, the payment given by a specific bet, so that you can play with a certain criterion and above all in order to know how to balance the bets. As we will see later, the relationship between the win and the number of covered boxes is given by the formula

Vincita = 36/n – 1

Please note that in case of a win the dealer does not collect the bet.

First of all it is good to know that there are two types of bets:

  • bet on multiple combinations
  • Bet on simple combinations.

The multiple combinations cover the following bets, which we will analyze in detail below:

  • full number
  • horse
  • full transverse ( triplet )
  • four first courses
  • simple transversal ( sestina )
  • column
  • dozen

The simple combinations ( that the site often call simple chances ) instead cover these bets:

  • red or black
  • even or odd

Multiple combinations

Multiple combinations are characterized by the fact that they cover one or more numbers and have a payout rate inversely proportional to the amount of numbers covered. We describe the stake here and refer to the “Payments” section below for payment details. Make lpe88 download  play and earn the best there.

Solid number: the bet is placed on a single number, pays 35 times the stake.

Split: the bet is placed between two numbers, pays 17 times the stake.

Full transversal or triplet: the bet is placed on the outside line in order to cover the line of three chosen numbers, pays 11 times the bet.

  • The bet is placed at the intersection of the four numbers to be covered, pays 8 times the bet,
  • Four primes: the bet is placed at the intersection between zero and the line of numbers from 1 to 3, covers the numbers 0,1,2,3 and pays 8 times the stake,
  • Simple transversal or sestina: the bet must be placed on the external line so as to cover two lines of three numbers, or two triplets, pay 5 times the post,
  • Column: the bet is placed in the lower box corresponding to the chosen column, covers 12 numbers and pays twice the stake,
  • Dozen: the bet is placed in the corresponding dozen box (12 P 12 M 12 D, see above), covers 12 numbers and pays twice the stake.

Simple combinations

Simple combinations are elementary bets that bet on the outcome of a certain characteristic of the number, they are placed on the side boxes and each cover 18 numbers, always excluding zero. The payout for each of these combinations is 1 times the bet.

  • Red or black: you bet in the red or black box and you bet 18 numbers pay once the bet.
  • Even or odd: you bet in the even box (pair) or odd (impair), pay 1 time the bet.

Simple combinations are used extensively for the application of systems at all levels due to the simplicity of managing the system itself. For further information, please refer to the section dedicated to systems.