Some of the rules that you should never miss out while playing Poker

Poker took up its popularity years ago, and till now, people find it very fascinating. Along with that, it is famous for its flexibility, which means that the variations of the game depend upon the players. As, how to conduct the betting, what is the basis for deciding the winner, what would be the limits and order of play.

But with all its varied modes and alteration, the basic rules of Poker are always consistent. So, here are some of the states that you should never miss while playing Poker.

  • Hand ranking in Poker

Hand ranking is the first most step to enter the game zone of Poker at Joker888. It should be learned at the beginning itself to play the game with an important and committing strategy to win. 

Mostly, it starts with the highest-ranking five-card poker hand, and then it proceeds in the ascending order as depicted below:

  • High card
  • One pair of hands
  • Two pair of hands
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight 
  • Flush
  • Full house
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight flush
  • Royal flush
  • Order of the play

The order of play determines the subsequent ascending or descending order of the game. As- who will act in the first place, when the betting action will occur and when the slot will come to draw the card. So, the order of the play is variant enough accordingly, but yet to be decided. You should take care of this aspect while playing poker at joker888.

  • Betting rules of Poker

The rules of betting in Poker vary according to each player. But it’s the essential part of the game, the more you bet, the more exciting will be the game. Often, you will observe table stake, either you play offline or online. In this type of betting, the hand players can only grab the money which is beforehand on the table and are not allowed to bet beyond that any additional amount until and unless the hand will get over.

There are some more interesting betting rules of Poker. As – ‘String bets,’ where the player can make a two-part motion of betting. But this could t be allowed until and unless the player has declared to do so initially. In this kind of betting, the player can do the betting twice when he is not able to do so in one stack. He can opt for a second trip and collect more chips from betting.

Also, ‘One chip rule’ is another kind of betting rule in Poker. It says that if one player bets a chip and the second player will put forward a single chip, then that will not be considered as betting, but only a call.

    • Limits games of Poker

In the game of Poker, there are various limits by the stakes, chips, and nettings. In a Fixed- limit game, players are conditioned to bet only a certain amount of money. While in No- limit game, players of Poker are allowed for the betting at any time in between the game, with no fixed amount of money & for pot-limit games, players are restricted but can bet the money already in the pot.