Sports Betting and Gambling is Not Rocket Science

Making a large amount of money, guaranteed bets, locks, winning bets, huge winnings – sounds pretty good, right? But this is just some barbershop stories, and let us be honest here since we need to fix everyone’s minds, especially the bettors. If we can change at least one mind, the risk will be worth it. 

We do not care about what other people will say since the conclusions are loosely based on people’s experiences in the sports betting world. We know a guy who has more or less 3000 bets with a yield of at least 17%, and still, his followers can’t make a win or profit using his picks. 

If you do not understand and know what yield, Return on Investment or Closing Line Value means, you need to learn it today or stop betting and do something that you know or love. It is the same with a quarterback that does not know what touchdown is or a baseball player who does not know the meaning of the double play. 

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If you do not have the right motivation to learn all the essential information about sports, even betting like underlying probabilities or yield, you will not win a single bet and there is a big chance that you will lose a lot of money. And you can find this necessary information on the Internet. 

Instead of watching useless videos on the Internet the whole day, why not learn some important and essential information on betting. If you ask me, foolish and lazy people should lose their money, so the bookmakers can pay people who spend a lot of time studying the game, analyzing the information and works hard to understand everything you need to know about betting. 

Picks should not be sold because we all know that it is wrong. But if you can sell it, you need to sell it at a higher price, usually a subscription of at least three to four thousand dollars per month. You read it correctly, at least three to four thousand dollars per month.

An average person will get what an average foolish person gets. Biology shows that the weakest animal usually dies at the hand of stronger animals or predators. That is the same with sports betting. In sports betting, bettors that do not have an idea of how it works will lose a lot of money and will not survive. 

More or less 90% of these clueless bettors will work and pay for the 10% that will make money in the betting world. They will pay the betting services, the bookmakers and the winning bettors. The winners will get paid by the betting services, the bookmakers since the clueless ones are paying for it. 

That is an endless cycle since there are a lot of gamblers and bettors who invest a lot of money in something that they do not know and understand. If you do not understand the concept of making money through sports betting with all the information readily available for you on the Internet, then it is for you if you lose your money. So, let us take a closer look at the world of sports betting and gambling.

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The idea of making money

If you want to make a lot of money doing sports betting, you need to make sure that you take the investment approach. You need to know the idea of making money if you invest. The idea is pretty straightforward; you need to invest in things that have significant potential. For example, you purchase a real estate property for $300,000 and sell it for $500,000. You made a profit. 

You can also purchase a car worth $20,000 modifies it and sell it for $25,000 to $30,000. You can buy stocks for a lower price and wait for a couple of months or years for the price to go higher and sells it for you to make a profit. There is no more unusual way to make a profit in this type of business, but to pick something that has the potential to blow up.

The key is the price and not the winners

The big question here is what’s the key in making a profit. The answer is the price. Bettors need to be smart enough to purchase a real estate property for $300,000 and sell it later for $500,000. Take for example, if you are in South Korea, and there is a major site that offers a proven winning pick for a more significant price and a pick that has a losing tradition but worth a lot less. 

If you are a bettor, and you have a business partner who does not know anything about sports betting and wants you to buy the losing pick since it is way cheaper, you will do anything in your power to convince him to invest more money on the winning pick instead of the cheaper one that is proven to be a bad pick. If you chose the losing one, you just spend your money for no reason. It is like throwing away your money.

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On the other hand, if you invest your money on a sure winner, there is a higher chance that you can get your money back with a little profit. It is not rocket science. You go for the one who has a higher chance of earning you money. For people who have no clue about how betting works, they will always go for the pick with the lowest price possible. 

You need to know the price and the value of the pick. Usually, the one with the lowest price has little to no value, and the expensive one is a sure winner. If you do not understand the price and its value, you will never make any profit in sports betting or gambling in general.


If you made it this far, you need to know one thing – the purpose of this article is to shake a lot of heads and change the minds of as many bettors as possible. The problem in this industry is, most bettors do not know that they have little to no clue about how the betting world works. Some of them are too lazy to do some research and earn the trade. In this world, information is very important. Make sure that you know every little thing about sports betting and gambling to increase your odds of winning.