The Live bets You Should Be Specific About

Live bets vary from side to side. There is often football, hockey, tennis, basketball, volleyball. Sometimes it is also cricket, table tennis and even bowling.

Live bets can often also be tracked in the game company’s own live tracking. With live coverage, you can watch matches for free. Usually this requires that you even have some money in your gaming account or a valid bet inside.

Live betting online

Live ww88 betting online is a sick easy and quite fun pastime. Even a boring Sports betting match will be made the final of the Champions League with a small live bet.

Live betting hits like a nail on the head in online gaming, where live videos and other interactive activities take big leaps all the time as technology improves.


Live betting is also great on mobile devices. Phones may be a little too small for this, but with tablets, things work well. The first deposit is easier to manage from a desktop computer, but live bets can then be tapped on a tablet from your own couch while watching the game.

A winner bet is a game in which the winner or winners of competitions are bet. Winning bets on foreign betting companies have been on the charts for decades. For Sports betting, the winning bet was taken in 1994. Incidentally, the first race to be wagered was 15km freestyle skiing for the Lillehammer Olympic women.

In addition to the basic game, Sports betting’ winning bet allows you to play Super Double, Supertripla, Pairs of the Day and Trio of the Day.

Biggest wins in the winning bet

The biggest odds caught in Sports betting’ winning bet are from the German GP of F1 in 2008, when Supertripla Hamilton – Piquet – Massa returned the bet with a odds of 94,958.50.

The biggest winning bet wins abroad have been seen a lot. Below is one of them:

Trotting is a winning bet at its best and when playing with horses you can even get lucky. That’s what happened to the 60-year-old British player when he bet £ 8 on 8 winners correctly and cashed out at £ 2,000,000.

Winning bet bonuses

You can also play a winning bet with a bonus. Almost every betting site except monopoly companies offers their players betting bonuses.

Winning odds

The odds of a winning bet are either fixed or variable. For foreign gaming companies, the odds are always fixed, with Sports betting variable or fixed.

Variable odds are calculated by the formula: return% game change / result bet amount. For example, when the return percentage is 85%, the game turnover is € 310,000 and the winning amount is € 52,000, the odds are 0.85X310000/52000 = 5.06.