Two essential tips for winning online poker tournaments

Winning domino qq Indonesia poker tournaments has always been the biggest inspiration for those starting out. Most players are understandably attracted to high payouts and the desire to win, while others see this triumph as perfect proof that they have finally mastered the game and are ready to be profitable players.

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No matter the motivation behind this task, the fact is that focusing on winning poker tournaments is something that can really make you evolve a lot. Large tournaments can take an average of 6 to 12 hours to complete. Let us share the two most essential tips.

Focus on your survival

In a cash game, you have to focus on maximizing your profits. It is free to take a series of calculated risks to draw a huge pot, since if you run out of chips. You can simply make a buy-back and play again. In poker tournaments, once your chips run out, you are out of the tournament and there is no more chance of winning it. Therefore, these high-risk investment opportunities do not always pay off in the long run.

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Your focus for winning agen domino poker tournaments should be to survive. This means that no matter how tempted you are to get into a big pot with a speculative hand, it is not interesting to invest a considerable portion of your stack and compromise your life in the tournament with it. The important thing is to understand that your main objective is not to invest a lot in these situations. Your biggest goal is to survive until the final stages, when the pots are bigger, and accumulating chips increases your real chances of winning the tournament, while a big pot won at the beginning of the tournament is absolutely irrelevant.

Select your hands better pre-flop

Taking the hook from the tip above, part of the strategy to survive comfortably in a poker tournament is to make an excellent selection of pre-flop hands. While mediocre hands in a well-played manner can be profitable, they will often cost your tournament or a considerable part of your stack, which you may miss later. Furthermore, even if you occasionally pull out a big pot with them, it does not guarantee that you will win the tournament. The overwhelming majority of players who win poker tournaments play only 20% to 25% of their hands. They know that they must manage the risks they take to reach the final stages more often.

So, focus on playing your premium hands and play them aggressively in order to reduce your risks. The same goes for speculative hands, like low pocket pairs and suited connectors. It is not forbidden to play them, as they can be profitable in the early stages of a tournament. But never invest too much in these spots, as this compromises your stack.


The secret to the profitability of speculative hands is that they generate great rewards for low investments. Once you spend a lot of chips with them, you lose that advantage and compromise the stack. So, shift your focus. Try to save chips to invest in more decisive spots.