World’s Top Sports Betting Brands

With the world comfortably revolving around digitalization, sports betting is constantly being revolutionized. Not only are they making more profits, but their popularity also seems to be at an unstoppable spike. The sports betting brands are also constantly improving their services, making it as comfortable as possible for bettors and sportsbooks alike. Slowly but steadily, the present sports betting brands have successfully taken over major sports such as football, online cricket betting, and basketball as games to be gambled upon. Here are the top 3 betting brands in the world right now:


A betting website with perhaps the most versatile gambling options and products to offer, Bet365 has established itself to be one of the kingpins among the sports betting brands.

It essentially acted as a pioneer in online sports betting when it became the first website to introduce e-sports to be bet upon. Catering to more than 35 million customers globally, this British online sports betting brand raked in a jaw-dropping revenue of £2.7 billion back in 2018. It is also worth mentioning that Bet365 has also recently partnered with another budding sport betting company, the Hard Rock Atlantic City casino.

2.Draft Kings

When it comes to the realm of fantasy sports betting, no one can outclass Draft Kings. The website, in general, provides in-depth and well-detailed information about each team and player, they’re current status and well-being from the 5 largest sports in the US, the NASCAR, the Premier League as well as the Champion’s League and just about any major sports that come to mind. It started off its operations as soon as the US Supreme Court legalized online sports betting. There’s no doubt that Draft Kings has a major share of its revenues coming in from sports betting. With a total workforce of barely 300, Draft Kings earned a spectacular revenue of $350 million back in 2018.

  1. William Hill

Ever since the UK-listed bookmaker completed the merge between the three businesses in 2012, William Hill US has grown to currently holding around 30% of the current market shares in sports betting. William Hill is now firmly established as sports betting giant both within the US as well as the UK.

One of the first to capitalize on the Supreme Court lifting the federal ban passed in 1992, William Hill is a frontrunner among sports betting brands and hosts above 108 races in Nevada alone each year. This mammoth betting giant is already in agreement with multiple US-based casinos on sports betting and are creating more affiliations like this constantly. This brand seems to be aggressively growing in the US as well as they have boosted their recruitment process in Nevada.

To conclude, there are multiple online betting sites on the internet right now. Each of these sights has something unique and attractive to offer. However, the reach, flexibility, and customer-base of the websites mentioned above are far superior to others. Therefore, these 3 websites are the top sports betting brands globally.