3 Effective Football Betting Strategies for Beginners

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Many people consider soccer a popular and profitable sport in the betting industry. 

Since football betting provides significant prizes and a thrilling experience, bettors should develop effective betting strategies, allowing them to make profit.

A football betting strategy is an outline or plan that guides gamblers in making the right decisions. Typically, it requires a careful and in-depth understanding of sports and betting odds. 

If you are new to soccer betting, here are some of the proven betting strategies to maximise your winnings:


You will encounter arbitrage betting as soon as you participate in football betting. It is the ability to back a selection at a higher price. 

For instance, a sportsbook offers 2.5 that Manchester United will beat Arsenal. But on the exchange, the price to lay Manchester United is 2.3, shorter than 2.5. In this case, you must place a wager and lay the same selection to guarantee a profit. 

Typically, bookmakers do not encourage arbitrage betting as it allows punters to spot prices with differential.  


Pareto is usually used in businesses where 80% of the outcomes are derived from 20% of the causes. In football betting, Pareto means 80% of trophies can win by 20% of the clubs. 

This strategy implies that once you have chosen your favourite, you should not look at the others. Thus, it is essential to find your specialties, identify the list of Premier League Winners, and look at the right markets. 

Find Weekly Edges

To win in football betting, you must find and capitalize on the games’ edges and place bets accordingly. 

Additionally, avoiding forcing bets and looking for good plays is essential. These good plays involve thoroughly researching the available Singapore Pools football betting odds and the teams playing in the tournament. 

For instance, this coming National Football League 2023, you must prepare by researching its odds, favourites, and strategies. Fortunately, Junebet66 provides a betting guide for the upcoming 2023 NFL season. You should understand the nature of the sports and analyse each team’s statistics to maximise your bets.

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