Singapore Pools Betting: Understanding Exotic Horse Bets

Every person has their own pastime activity. Others spend their free time reading, watching films, or doing strenuous activities like hiking and biking. Either way, these pastimes are created to keep your mind off things. The same applies to betting.

For the longest time, betting has been one of the most well-loved leisure activities worldwide. Its entertaining nature is what usually keeps people drawn to this activity. But more than the entertainment, people have also learned to love participating in live or online sports betting Malaysia because of the money you can earn by playing. And numerous people can prove that. Some even reached the point where they established a career in betting.

But before you start thinking about making money through betting, it is important to make yourself knowledgeable about the various betting types available for your use. This will allow you to understand betting better and make money while at it.

Like football betting Malaysia, horse racing also has its own betting strategies. And one of those is exotic betting. 

Exotic betting is one of the most sought-after betting options. This strategy is most commonly used by horse race betting experts. In exotic betting, gamblers can place multiple wagers in one race or punt in a series of races, allowing them to win high payouts. But do not get easily enticed by this betting type as they can be a bit complicated. This is the reason why it is usually recommended for professional bettors. 

But if you genuinely want to know about exotic betting, you can start by learning about horizontal and vertical exotic bets. Horizontal exotic betting is multi-race parlays, allowing bettors to place on horses they believe will win at least two to six races. But you must remember that all your chosen horses must win the race to be hailed as a winner. Otherwise, your whole wager will lose if just one horse loses the race. 

In contrast, vertical exotic betting refers to multi-horse parlays in one race. To win this exotic betting type, the player must correctly identify the order in which the horses will finish. There are three types of vertical exotic betting: exacta, trifecta, and superfecta.

A more detailed explanation of exotic bets and the differences between its types can be found in this infographic by CM2BET.

Singapore Pools Betting Understanding Exotic Horse Bets