Basic components of Slots

Slots is a popular game which you should try out. You can visit casino maxi giriş to get experience of playing slots. Slots is a fairly easy game to understand but having an idea about the components of the game will be beneficial for you. Here are some of the basics of slots which everyone should know.


Every slot machine has a pay line which is considered to be the most important part of a slot machine. It is upon the pay lines that your winnings depend. The pay line is the line where your winning combo appears on the slot machine. Slots generally have pay lines ranging from 9 to 30. The higher the number of pay lines you choose, the higher will be the chances for you to win. This is possible due to the various combinations such as straight, diagonal, or zigzag across the reels. You can win if you have any of that sequence and it is not necessary to have symbols in a straight line.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols can be understood as a wild card which increases your chances of winning. Wild symbols can be a substitute for other symbols, and if you get a wild symbol including any two same symbols on a pay line, then you win. The wild symbol has different designs for different slot machines. In some slot games, the wild symbol might not have any value while in others, it can have the highest value. 

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols are slightly better than the wild symbol as it can reward you with bonuses free spins and even extra games. Also, you do not need to get them in a single pay line. Even if they appear on your pay line, you will be winning a lot of rewards. However, not all slot games offer the scatter symbol and for those who do, you should know about the offers of the scatter symbol. 


Multipliers offer the highest payout in a slot game, even more than the scatter symbol. They work by multiplying your winning by double or triple your actual winnings. They also apply to free spins and hence multipliers can multiply your number of free spins.

Return to Player

Return to Player is the percentage of winnings you are likely to get back as compared to your total spendings on the particular game. Every slot game has its own RTP and you can know about it before you play a particular slot game. A higher RTP will mean that your chances of winning the slot game are high.


These are some of the basics components of slots and if you want to apply these in slots, you can visit casino maxi giriş.