What technologies are raising the bar for online games?

Rummy has seen many changes over the years. What began as a playing card game played face to face across a table with printed paper cards has gone on to become an online favourite. A plethora of online platforms offer rummy lovers a way to play rummy online, anytime, anywhere. Technology has given the power to the players to control how they play the game, and it’s only fair that people know how technology has changed things for the better.

So, here is a list of the different things technology has made better for online rummy.

Artificial Intelligence

AI technology has reached a stage where it’s exceeded the realms of fantasy and actually become a potent tool for various end goals. Libratus, an AI-based game bot created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, has shown what AI technology can do when it comes to card gaming. It has played thousands of different games in under a month and won against skilled human opponents. This shows that technology is today at a stage where it can compete with humans and go one up against them. Adding elements of machine learning and big data, AI can really help enhance the experience for rummy and other Online 13 Card Rummy Games.

Virtual Reality

Gesture control is the next big innovation that has really improved the online gaming experience. Through simple gestures, players can control and play these games. High quality, lifelike graphics add on to this experience, making players feel as if they are fully immersed in a new world. This immersive experience is slated to get better each year, with innovations in VR technology becoming more and more mainstream. VR headsets take this experience a notch higher. While some headsets are priced a little too high, there are various inexpensive options that can provide an almost similar experience for a much lesser cost.

Encryption for security

Have you noticed the many permissions an app asks for after you download the same on your phone? Online games typically ask for and store a lot of user data. These permissions are in place to ensure there is no unauthorised access. However, there are various other data requirements where mere permission may not suffice. For example, online payments, which is required for various purposes in a lot of online gaming apps, has typically been an area of discomfort for users. Users have been doubtful about the security of these systems. Well, it’s great news that now this problem is being effectively solved through secure payment gateways that deploy encryption. Through encryption, user data become impossible for hackers or miscreants to access. This has enabled users to do online payment transactions freely. This is especially useful for games on rummy sites such as RummyCulture, where users not only pay money to participate in Cash Rummy Games but also withdraw their winnings after they have won their games.

Opponent Modelling

Advancements in mathematical and statistical modelling can now help utilise historical game data of your opponents and estimate various actions they are likely to undertake in different situations. 

These technological innovations are just the tip of the iceberg. In the coming days, big data and machine learning will reach a point where it will be impossible to imagine a time when these innovations did not already exist. Not just playing card games like online rummy, but all sorts of online games will benefit from these, and will definitely make for an interesting time ahead for the future of online gaming.